Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets with 15 Magnets – Gold with Silver Links

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets with 15 Magnets – Gold with Silver Links

15 Magnets on the bracelet square links with Strength: 3000 Gauss Per Magnet. Capping Strength May Vary From 2600 Gauss – 2800 Gauss The Magnets help improve blood circulation and general well being.

It can also help block pain. Magnetic bracelet is an natural pain relief, arthritic joints, RSI and sport injury.

The magnetic bracelets are exquisitely designed to suit any dress code.

Including sport activities, fashion accessory and casual wear.

Length approx; 22cm

Width approx; 1 cm

All measurements are approximate and actual sizes may vary

Each Polaris Gold version of the popular chunky classic magnetic titanium bracelet have powerful Neodymium Magnets (not Samarium Cobalt magnets), and stainless steel split pins between the links.

About Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

Titanium have four main advantages over other metals used in jewellery:

1. It is light (Titanium is lighter than similar strength stainless steel).

2. The compatibility of the Titanium with the human body make titanium magnetic bracelets the best choice for those people who have very sensitive skin and may develop allergic reactions to other metals in jewellery.

3. Titanium responds very little to electricity, heat and magnets, making it the perfect metal use in magnetic bracelet.

4. Titanium forms protective surface layers, which gives it excellent resistance to corrosive attacks by saltwater, sea air and certain acids, and it is capable of being submerged in water for long periods of time without sustaining damage or colour change.

Used in titanium magnetic bracelets, the metal is a lustrous, silver-grey metallic element. Because of its high tensile strength, light weight, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, TITANIUM is used widely in aircraft industry. However, please note that our titanium bracelets are not the same quality (Titanium Alloy) that is being used in the aircraft and aerospace industry. They are made of Surgical Titanium Grade, which are used in medical devices such as implants, heart valves and so on.


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