3 In 1 Detox Machine Ion Cleanse Ion Detox Foot Spa Footbath T.E.N.S Massage Therapy Patch Diagnosing Salon Spa 1pcs

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 Description of ionic ion foot bath spa:

Detox aqua spa machine involves soaking an individual’s feet in a salt bath through which an electrical current is passed. The water turns brown as current is applied; the device is typically promoted with the claim that the brown discoloration represents “toxins” extracted from the body. The device is marketed under a wide variety of names.

Ionic ion foot bath spa system produces positive and negative ions, that “resonate through the body and stimulates the cells within it”, claiming that this ‘rebalances’ cellular energy, allowing efficient performance and excretion of toxins that have accumulated within the tissues and that 20 – 35 minutes of usage every second or third day causes toxins from throughout the body to be excreted.

It is an external detox ion cleanses detoxification method, which removes toxins through your feet. The body detoxifies while you are comfortably seated with y our feet placed in a container of warm water. This is a very efficient way to remove toxic accumulations regardless of where they are located in the body.

The ion-cleanse ionic ion foot bath spa  process generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charged atoms), which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and draws them out of the body through the skin. Each session takes about 30 minutes.

The array goes into the water with the hands, feet, or body, and the power supply delivers a small amount of direct current into the array, which causes the metals within it, in combination with the water, and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions.


2. Features of ionic ion foot bath spa

Digital readouts show working mode and time  
Effective and easy detoxification
Ion array good for 50 uses
100 to 240V worldwide is suitable
One year warranty        
The ion cleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the patient.
Used properly, the ion cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating healing crises.



1. improve the sleeping quality
2. the blood pressure down
3. the blood sugar down
4. reduce the ach and inflammation
5. get rid of tiredness
6. improve the immune
7. make the skin smooth
8. cure athletes feet and fungal nails
9. liver/kidny detoxification
10. balance body PH levels
11. improve healthy cell generate
12. improve sexual health

Item Description

Item Type                          Foot Care Tool
Type                                  detox machine
Model Number                 F01
Material                            with black bag packing
Size                                  Mini Type
Name                               3 in 1 Detox Foot Spa
Voltage                            AC220V \ 110V 50Hz \ 60Hz 15V
Function 1                       Detoxification
Function 2                       Diagnosing
Function 3                      TENS Therapy
Concurrent User            1 Person


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